T H E  C R A T E R  B O W L

​​C O N T A C T 

M E E T the M A K E R

H O M E  G O O D S

V E S S E L S  

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Crater Bowl: The Origianl

6.5"w x 2.5"t [outside]
3.5"w x approx. 1.38"d [inside]        

Custom | One of a Kind

Crater Bowl: Gold Tone

Sold Out

Crater Bowl: Geometric

Sold Out

If you would like a customized Crater Bowl 

with specific colors of paint inquire here!

Each item is one of a kind. If you would like a piece reproduced there is no guarantee the final product will be exactly the same, but it will be close. Each piece is 100% made by hand and variations will occur, including slight size differences due to the method of making & drying the concrete. Other variations can include air bubbles, discoloration, color variation within a single piece, & difference in textures. These are all naturally occuring, creating a beautiful finish to each piece, solidifying its uniqueness & one-of-a-kind piece of artistry.

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